How to Hire a Renovator

Litwiller organizes free, educational seminars.

How to Hire a Renovator: Free seminars

Next free seminar:

May 29th, 2017
Parkdale Community Association
3512 5 Avenue NW
Starts at 6:00 till 9:00pm
We are teaming up with BBB on this one.

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These free seminars are organized by Litwiller. David Litwiller’s passion and dedication to the renovation industry inspired him to organize these open and honest discussions from several industry viewpoints, including input from Calgary’s leading authorities on renovations, city permitting, architecture and design, and local realty.

We welcome representatives from Canada Revenue Agency, The Better Business Bureau of Southern Alberta, an Architectural Technologist and Design Specialist, as well as a local realtor, and of course, a renovator.

When he first had the idea, David was worried that people would see it as self-serving: a way to cozy up to potential customers. The seminars do attract those who might find our services useful, but David remains steadfast in the belief that the core reason to host the seminars is to give back to the community. Doing so is imperative not just to homeowners, but also to the integrity of our industry.

Topics, discussions and guest speakers from previous seminars include:


Litwiller Renovations & Custom Homes with David Litwiller, President

Topic: Get it in writing!
Topic: Bonding, insurance and reliability in renovators


Working with the City of Calgary

Topic: Do you need a permit?
Topic: Regulations and Bylaw issues.
Topic: The new development permit process


A Discussion About Calgary Real Estate Issues  with a guest from the Calgary Real Estate Board

Topic: Establishing a renovations budget that makes sense for your home
Topic: Should you renovate before you sell?


The Better Business Bureau

Topic: How to tell if your contractor is dependable and trustworthy BEFORE you sign


Seminar feedback

October 25 2015
“Recently our association hosted a “How to Hire a Renovator” seminar. The idea was brought to us by David Litwiller who ultimately organized and staged the event. We immediately recognized the public service potential but had some reservations about what emphasis if any would be placed on product/service sales by the organizer. Feedback by participants echoed those prior trepidations. However that same feedback as was our impression, went on to exclaim the informative value with zero sales pitch was this very successful evening.
Based on the quality that Mr Litwiller brought to the community we were very happy to waive any rental fee for our hall and we would be anxious to host more of his presentations in the future. We would also emphatically recommend to any community association or other organization a similar seminar hosted by Mr Litwiller.”   
– Marvin Quashnick VP Public Service TGCA

Past Feedback

“You provided an excellent, informative presentation, just structured enough, just informal to be comfortable.”

– Margaret, Airdrie

 “A very useful evening. I certainly learned from each speaker and benefited from being reminded of some things I knew.  All of you are to be commended for giving of your time and expertise and I am thankful I could hear your presentations while I am still very much in “the dreaming stage”. Please thank everyone involved for a job well done.”

– Connie, Calgary