You’ve communicated with us and we’ve listened. You know what you want. We know what you want. We have already worked with you through the starting phase of your renovation; it’s time to carefully review every detail of the deal.

The Estimate

Here’s the good feeling we’re after: everything makes sense.

So, our references check out. There’s a good energy between us. It’s time to get started. Here’s where we are in the process:

The Estimate

4. Review the site (your home)
5. Take notes and photographs
6. Establish Scope of Work
7. Generate an Estimate (revisions as required)
8. Establish a start date
9. Sign the agreement and accept deposit

Discuss your ideas with us and one of our designers can work out the finer details of the project. Once you’ve decided on plans and specifications, it’s time to sign a Letter of Intent (Project Kick-Off), and we will create a detailed estimate for your project based on all of your objectives.

Once we’ve got the plans, specifications and an estimate, it’s time sit down and make sure we’re all on the same page: are we sure this is what you want? We answer any and all of your questions; we might ask a few of you also to clarify the Scope of Work.

Here’s the good feeling we’re after: everything makes sense. When that happens, we can enter into a formal agreement with the Scope of Work clearly defined. You can choose either a Lump Sum Contract or a Cost Plus Contract. There are advantages and disadvantages to either, so it’s important to take some time and discuss which option best suits your needs.

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