01The Litwiller Process

The Beginning
  • Build Relationships
  • Define the Scope
  • Initial Estimate
The Estimate
  • Onsite Review & Establish Scope of Work
  • Set Start Date
  • Sign Agreement and Accept Deposit
The Renovation
  • Product Selection
  • Site Preparation
  • Trade & Supplier Coordination
  • Your Home “Work”
  • Change Order (if needed)
The Delivery
  • Warranty Review
  • Final Cleaning
  • Walkthrough and Final Review

About Us

Home Renovations and Additions in Calgary

At Litwiller Renovations & Custom Homes, you get more than a custom home renovation. You are given access to over 40 years of experience, innovative designs that base their value in quality and functionality, exceptional craftsmanship and a team that runs on professionalism and integrity.  We offer the peace of mind you need to confidently watch your home transform into something magical. Specializing in additions and full house renovation, we’ve been serving Calgary families since 1977, turning dreams into reality for beautiful and functional homes.

Excited about the idea of bringing your dream home to life? Work with one of Calgary’s top custom home builders and renovation companies. Contact us today!


Fun and Happy New Home in Tuxedo
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60's Bungalow
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Edgemont Elegance
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Lakeview Living
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Varsity Estates Elegance
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Fun and Happy New Home in Tuxedo
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60's Bungalow
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Edgemont Elegance
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Lakeview Living
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Varsity Estates Elegance
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03Why Choose Us

At Litwiller Renovations and Custom Homes, you sign up for more than the custom home renovation of your dreams. You get over 40 years of experience, innovative designs with a focus on value over excess, quality craftsmanship, and the complementary peace of mind that comes with knowing your home transformation is in experienced hands.
Quality of Workmanship
Specializing in additions and whole house alterations, we’ve been serving Calgary families since 1977, turning dreams into reality for beautiful and functional homes. The Litwiller reputation stands for quality, integrity and efficiency in every step of the process to ensure the creation of a custom home more magical than the homeowner ever anticipated.
Affordable Prices
With all of this magic going on, you must think: “Last I checked, magic is out of my budget.” Litwiller Renovations and Custom Homes believes that magic shouldn’t equate with out of reach. Thanks to our long history in the industry, we know how to create beauty within a budget, while still remaining price competitive.


The Litwiller Process

Renovation Checklists


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04Our Team

David Litwiller

Founder/Project Manager

David Litwiller is the founder and head project manager of Litwiller Renovations and Custom Homes.  Founding the company in 1977, and having built over 30 homes since inception, he has the experience and expertise needed to be one of Calgary’s leading custom home builders.

Professional principles of transparency, thorough communication, and dedication to great work and customer satisfaction, are the reason Litwiller Renovations has grown into the successful company it is today.

David is an active member in the renovation community. He has been volunteering with the Calgary Home Builder’s Association since 1995. He has also been Acting Chair for the Renovation Council, and the Alberta Representative on the Canadian Renovators Council. David has won a number of awards over the years, including  Renovator of the year in 2003 and 2004, and the Bob Ward Memorial award for volunteer recognition in 2013.

05Clients Say


Major renovation that included a new basement, new garage, new laundry & storage room, new boot room and renovations in every room of the house. Also, the front and back exteriors of the home were remodeled. The Litwiller professionals were invaluable by ensuring high quality performance by tradesman while providing insightful recommendations during the renovation process. We chose Litwiller to initiate a long term relationship with a high quality renovation company. Renovations always entail follow up visits immediately after completion date and months later. Litwiller has met each request on a timely and professional basis including a pocket door repair four years after our renovation was completed. The home we chose is expected to be our residence for decades, so choosing Litwiller was extremely important to us and we are very satisfied with our decision.


We are still in the renovation process about 80% done and the work along with the concerns from me have been dealt with promptly and professionally. The business and subcontractors have been very respectful to me and my home. Would use them again.


I decided to renovate my 1950’s bungalow in Renfrew. To choose a renovator I visited Calgary’s home renovation open houses. I chose David Litwiller because of style of his renovations. After conferring with David, a major renovation was started by adding a sunroom, with a partial basement, new kitchen and composite deck off this addition. David had great advice and ideas, handled all the City requirements, and trades. The place looked fabulous. After a few years I had him come back and add a carport. I was so happy with my experience I decided to hire David to build my new house in Tuxedo.


We are in the preliminary stages of renovating a 1968 2-story home in Varsity. We’ve met with a few contractors regarding various aspects of our project, but have found Litwiller Renovations to be our top choice. David Litwiller met with us personally, and helped us to break down the costs, and stages of our proposed renovation. He welcomed our numerous questions, and had a real eye for detail on our walk-through (he even ensured that all our children’s existing windows were functioning properly in case of emergency). It’s been a really client-friendly experience so far. David is professional and approachable, and has given us a realistic idea about what our job will entail.


Litwiller Renovations & Custom Homes were the general contractor for the complete renovation done on our home in 2003-2004, and the kitchen upgrade completed in January 2013. In both cases, the renos were completed with the utmost professionalism , courtesy and punctuality and every member of the team exemplified high levels of knowledge and experience as well as the dedication to do each task along the way, correctly and thoroughly, THE FIRST TIME. Budgeting was accurate, staff scheduling was efficient and support staff were always available…and I now have a modern, upgraded, bright and airy kitchen that I will be proud to share with my family and friends for years to come.. Anyone looking for precise, professional, beautiful, renovations that will stand the test of time should start and end RIGHT HERE.

Westgate Community

Committed, respectful, and responsive: working with Litwiller was more than we ever expected. As our first major home renovation, we knew what we wanted, needed, and could afford, but we didn’t know what we didn’t know and this was terrifying to us. To put it as simply as possible, the Litwiller team removed this fear. While we initially met with six contractors, David was the only one who took the time to answer all our questions, listened to what we wanted and was realistic with how it could be done. While we had heard a lot of “no’s” about turning our bungalow into a two-storey home, David said “yes.” The “yes” isn’t what made us go with Litwiller, but David’s experience and expertise through his solution for our renovation. David put our comfort and needs ahead of everything else. We never had to chase for an answer and were always aware of what was happening and when. When there were small glitches, David dealt with them promptly and with open communication at each step. We love our home again and know that we’ll be here for years to come. Working with Litwiller was definitely worth it. Not only would we recommend them without hesitation, but we will use them for all future renovations.

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Proudly partnering with organizations who bring the same integrity and honesty to Calgary’s home renovation industry as we do.

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