A kitchen renovation project is a major undertaking that can dramatically improve the comfort and value of your home. However, going into the project blindly can lead to many unexpected roadblocks that cost you time and money. Additionally, failing to consider key components of the project beforehand can impact the project’s overall success. Before tackling your next renovation in the heart of your home, consider these five important dimensions of any kind of kitchen renovation project.

Consider your Time Line

Understanding the amount of time that will be put into this project is all part of the planning for this kind of upgrade. Kitchen remodels do not occur overnight. It is important to have contingency plans for cooking in the event that there are periods of time where parts of the kitchen are unavailable. You should also work with your contractor on the projected time line in order to ensure that you both stay on the same page with the progress and investment in the project.

Pay Attention to Appliances

The new appliances that will be incorporated into the space can impact the aesthetics of the final appearance. Some homeowners choose to have these elements hidden or built into cabinetry while others like to place them out in the open in order to incorporate stainless steel for a modern finish. The types of appliances and their levels of efficiency can impact your budget during the project and beyond. Investing in slightly expensive, more-efficient appliances may raise the current budget. However, they can benefit your bottom line over time.


Set a Flexible Budget

It is impossible to foresee any small changes that may need to be made as the project progress. Additionally, you made need to alter some materials or decisions based on the evolving schematics. While it is important to know how much money you are willing to spend, be flexible in small ways so that the success of the project is ensured. On the other hand, do not allow yourself so much breathing room that the remodel ends up detracting from your financial future.


Improve the Space

The most successful kitchen renovation projects are those that end up providing you with more space than that with which you originally began. A great way to approach this goal is to consider removing walls or incorporating adjacent rooms into the kitchen space as much as possible. In many cases, removing only half of a wall or creating a bar opening is a substantial enough change to make a considerable impact.

Materials Make a Difference

You should consider the types of materials that you want to incorporate into the project beforehand in order to avoid making a lot of last-minute decisions. Pick out tile, consider hardwoods, and look at different finishes and paint colors in the early stages of planning. The types of materials that you utilize also go a long way in determining the style and design that you are able to successfully execute.

Trust a reputable professional once your plans are in place. They can provide valuable guidance, direct you to good resources for materials, and help you develop parameters for the project as well.

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