Adding a Deck to Your HomeAdding a deck to your home can be a great way to enhance your home’s exterior beauty as well as its monetary value. Something as simple as a deck can completely transform your home’s looks whilst providing you and your family with extra living space; without having to move or make any drastic changes to your home’s structure.


Why Should I Add A Deck to My Home?

There are plenty of benefits of adding a deck to your home. We’ve compiled a list of four major benefits of adding a deck to your home.

  • A deck can increase your living space. One major advantage is the significantly lower costs of a deck when compared to the cost of a similar sized brick and mortar building extension. Moreover, since decks are installed outdoors, the disruption to your daily routine is far less compared to a brick and mortar extension of the actual building.
  • A deck can help bring the feeling of being outdoors closer to home. Relax on a pleasant spring afternoon or dine al fresco on a warm summer night, it’s a multi-functional part of your home with plenty of uses that can be enjoyed by the whole family.
  • Built around your home’s existing design and custom made to your specifications, decks can help hide unsightly garden areas or even be built over any uneven ground that was previously unusable.
  • Last but not least, a quality, well-constructed deck will add significant aesthetic value to your home that will surely be appreciated by your family and any visitors you may have.
What’s the Best Decking Material?

A deck’s building material can be customized to your liking to match seamlessly with your home’s existing design. Decking material can be natural or composite and with the proper care and maintenance, can remain looking beautiful for years. The choice of materials is a crucial step when adding a deck to your home and depends on a lot of things, including budget, climate and personal preference. The best and most recommended method of choosing the right decking material for you is by seeking advice from a qualified deck expert. This makes sure the right material is being used and you’re not wasting your time and money. After the design and materials have been settled upon, decking can usually be constructed relatively quickly by an experienced installation crew.

Getting the Most Out of Your New Deck

Some people have the luxury of enjoying their deck year-round, however in the colder Canadian climate, this may not always be possible. To get the most out of your deck you need to make it a point to add it to your regular home maintenance schedule and only make use of reliable, trustworthy companies to service and maintain it. This will ensure that it remains in a perfect condition for years to come. Contact us today and find out how we can help you transform your home.

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