Older homes are both distinctive and charming. Many are also built with great pride and integrity, which is shown in their craftsmanship and materials. You are also doing your part to help the environment by purchasing an existing home versus clearing trees and land and using new materials to build a new home. Homeownership overall is an investment, whether your home is a new construction or an antique property. Even new homes require maintenance and receive remodeling attention shortly after they are built, but older homes come with unique challenges and opportunities that you should keep in mind when considering remodeling. When you’re ready to remodel your older home, you should consult with renovation experts, like the team at Litwiller Renovations. Here are some things to consider:


Decisions: Do You Want to Maintain the Character of the Home?

There are ways to bring modern technology and more efficient materials into your home, while maintaining the historical integrity of the home based on the time period it was built. Partner with a renovation team that respects the style you wish to maintain in your home.



Have you ever noticed a wall plate that looks like it should have a light switch or electrical outlet, but is completely solid? That’s a good sign that you have electrical wiring that is old, outdated, or obsolete. We knew a homeowner of a property that dated back to the 1860s that had original gas lighting fixture in the ceiling. While the wiring was redone, when they went to change the light fixture itself, they had a glimpse into history because the old wiring was still there, disconnected, but still in the walls. When your remodel involves electrical, you’ll want a professional involved. A local professional like Litwiller Renovations will not only ensure your wiring is up to code, but will also keep you safe.



Many renovation projects involved plumbing work. Older homes often utilized galvanized pipes. If you’ve been experiencing clogs or leaks, your old plumping could be struggling to keep up with modern utilization. A local expert will likely advise you convert some of your plumbing to PVC or copper.


Health Hazards: Lead and Asbestos

Almost any home built more than 30 years ago is likely to have lead paint somewhere. It could be an antique window frame or custom door. While you may want to preserve either, you’ll want to work with an expert who can take care to detect and abate these materials safely and legally.

An older home is one to be cherished and cared for because they can last for lifetimes to come. However, as you can see, renovating one to meet the needs of how we live today requires appropriate attention. If you’re ready to remodel your older home call Litwiller Renovations in Calgary at 403.275.2588 today!

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