The decision to build an addition on to a home inspires creative ideas and thoughts. People often choose to add onto an existing structure when they need more room or just want to increase the value of their home. Renovations are a financial investment and a personal one that Litwiller Renovations and Custom Homes takes very seriously. Our ultimate goal is to make those renovation dreams become a reality.

Making the Decision

An addition increases the square footage of a home and adds more usable space. Many homeowners build on to the home because their current living space is too small. They may need to add a bedroom, bathroom, storage, living area, kitchen, garage, or sunroom to update the home, making it more comfortable and inviting. There are multiple reasons why people would rather build an addition instead of relocating to another house. It may be a better financial decision, and the personal attachment to the location is often a deciding factor.

Making Plans

Once the decision has been made, the owner meets with the builder to make plans and discuss options. Measurements of the structure are taken and an evaluation is done on the area. The goal of the business is to get to know the homeowner and understand their vision for the addition. This is the time to speak up and let the contractor know everything that is expected of them. After all the information is gathered, the builder draws up the plans and presents the homeowner with the final costs including the timeline. Once the contract has been signed, the work can begin on the beautiful new addition.

Dreams Do Come True

Litwiller is dedicated to helping homeowners see their dreams come true. We are available to answer any questions during the entire building process. We work directly with the owner to develop a plan that is feasible and functional. We are affiliated with BuiltGreen, RenoMark, Canadian Home Builders Association, the BBB, and are part of the National Home Warranty Program. We pride ourselves on quality workmanship and are honest in our dealings. The Litwiller team can offer suggestions and provide all the information needed to make that final decision.

Now is the time to call Litwiller Renovations in Calgary at 403.275.2588 and see how we can make your dreams come true.

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