Exciting 1950s Bungalow Renovations in CalgaryBungalows have been popular in Canada for more than a century. Sears was selling bungalow house-building kits in 1900, if not before, and these houses began popping up all over the country. Many families were living in bungalows in the 1950s, and many are today.


Renovation has become more important in this time of environmental concern, reusing and rehabbing instead of building new structures. Some restoration is related to preservation of historical areas as well, which is a good thing. Future generations should be able to see what life was like in the good old days of the 21st century.


The immediate concern in any just-purchased home is ensuring safety and necessary updates in order to live in a secure environment. Wiring, plumbing, heating, roofing and siding are usually the elements of in-depth inspections. However, older homes also need to be checked for asbestos, lead paint, lead plumbing and balloon framing. The last one on that list means that there is no insulation to block fire, allowing fire to spread through the house quickly.


Think about the original architecture before ripping out walls and making drastic changes. Bungalows were built to maintain a lifestyle that survived for well over a century, so is that an important aspect of the home? Living in the home for a while may be best so that you can make the decisions that benefit you and your family. Home styles that are trendy now will change in time, so what style do you want to create? Find out about energy fixes as well so your budget is happy with the end result of the updates.

When you’re ready to make changes, call an experienced contractor that knows this style of home and its unique characteristics. You may need to decide on paint versus vintage wallpaper in some rooms, depending on how much original decor style you want to maintain.

Original fixtures or reproductions may be considerations, too. Saving original windows, doors, floors and woodwork is another group of decisions. Ask Litwiller Renovations, in Calgary, at 403.275.2588 for recommendations and suggestions. Start out with informed support.

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