Home Renovation Myths (Updated for 2017)There are a lot of arguments in favor of remodeling a home, even though there’s no question taking on a major remodel can be a daunting task. A well planned and executed remodel can, however, help a homeowner finally achieve the home of their dreams, with all the special amenities that have long been dreamed of. A great remodel can bring an owner a great home without having to give up a great neighborhood, and with a low interest home loan, it can also be a way to get a “new” house for a great price, as long as the project is carefully planned and budgeted.

A home remodel is not a plan to be entered into lightly, however. There are many myths and misconceptions about home renovations which should be addressed before embarking on a major remodel. Here are a few of the key myths that can fool home renovators every time.

1. A Home Renovation is a “Do It Yourself” Project.

While some people are great at tackling minor do it yourself projects, home renovations can involve major reconstruction, plumbing and electrical work that is best left to the professionals. Shoddy and amateurish work costs more in the long run.

2. A Low Bid is the Best Bid.

Don’t be fooled by a super low bid. Take a careful look at the contractor’s experience and finished work. It’s better to pay a bit more for better quality, rather than having to redo work later.

3. It’s Okay To Let Inspiration Take Over During The Renovation.

While that all sounds very romantic and exciting, the truth is you need to put your inspiration into the planning phase of your job. Get a good design plan set at the beginning, and use it as a roadmap. Getting inspired and changing course after building has begun is risky and can be very expensive.

4. It’s Easy To Judge Construction Materials by Their Appearance.

This is a big misconception. Just because materials, like tile or lumber, look the same, it’s important to take a closer look. Cheaper materials may be cheaper because they are less durable. Ultimately, you’re paying more for products that last.

No, taking on a home renovation is much more than a fun do it yourself project. It can be difficult and expensive, but with careful planning and professional help, it can be incredibly rewarding.

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