Key Factors To Consider For Your Garage Addition Project In CalgaryIf you are thinking about adding a new garage onto your home, you are not alone. You may need a second garage to use as a workshop or to park additional vehicles that your family owns. Perhaps your home does not have a garage currently, or you may have plans to convert an existing garage into usable living space. Before you can begin your garage addition project, focus on a few key factors.

Zoning Requirements

A garage addition will be a major improvement for your property, and it will change the footprint of the home, the exterior look, drainage and numerous other factors. In most areas, there are zoning requirements, ordinances, easements and other factors that must be taken into account when planning this project. Generally, a contractor specializing in new home additions can provide you with more information and guidance in this area.


The Size of the Garage

The dimensions of your new addition may need to be finalized early on in the process. Consider if you need access to parking for one or two vehicles. Garages are often used for additional storage for everything from sporting equipment to lawn and garden tools, and they may also be used as a workshop area. When selecting the dimensions for the garage addition, consider all of your functional needs.

The Exterior Look of the Home

Your new addition all affect the exterior look of the home, and this is true whether you choose an attached or detached design. Curb appeal and property value will be impacted by the placement and style of the garage, so create a design carefully with these factors in mind.

Functionality and Accessibility

The completion of your new garage will provide improved functionality, storage and more. However, the accessibility of your garage will affect how beneficial this new feature is for your home. Driveway access, connecting doorways to the home and exterior entryways to the side or backyard may all be considered when creating the design.

As you can see, there are many points to consider when designing a garage addition. Call Litwiller Renovations in Calgary at 403.275.2588 for a consultation.

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