A Full Service Experience in Custom Home Renovations

When managed properly, home renovations and additions are usually an enjoyable and fun experience. This all begins with a well-defined renovation process and schedule that is customized to your project, budget, and personal needs.

When it comes to your home, you should feel confident that your renovation process – from the beginning, to the estimate, the renovation, and final delivery – brings you peace of mind.

The LRCH Process

The Beginning

The most important part of your project is the decision to make a change. We’ve been there ourselves and know changing your home can be a big decision, often intimidating. That’s why LRCH has developed our client-focused process to help make renovating your home an experience you look back on with fondness.

  1. Building relationships first
    Relationships are key to a great renovation experience. Get to know the team who’ll be leading your project, ask all the questions you have about your home renovation or addition, and start to feel comfortable with a company. To help educate homeowners on the renovation process, we also offer seminars that provide insight into what questions you should ask of contractors, along with other details about typical processes. To attend, see when our next seminar is here.
  2. Define scope of work
    Here you tell us everything you want to do with your project, whether it is a kitchen, basement, addition, or whole home renovation. This is where the fun really begins as we begin talking ideas and offering guidance for both aesthetics and functionality.
  3. Review initial cost estimate
    Based on the defined scope of work, you then receive an initial cost estimate for your renovation. This may include the design plans if you haven’t already sourced these from a designer (we can help with this), and often includes the project timeline. Once received and reviewed, you guide us on how to move forward based on timelines and the associated budget you have in place.

From there we move on to The Renovation Estimate.