Enjoy Your New Home Without Having to Move

It’s here – the day your home renovation becomes your home reality! Before we leave, we always do a final walkthrough with you, identifying and correcting anything that’s not how you want (according to the scope), leaving you with your desired final product.

The Delivery

Your home renovation is done, on time, on budget, and just how you imagined it to be. You’re ready to settle back into everyday life. There are just three things left to go over.

  1. Warranty Review
    LRCH provides a two-year warranty on all our workmanship. Once your project is complete, we use a 20-point review questionnaire, helping us keep our commitment of ensuring your satisfaction.
  2. Final Cleaning
    You are not expected to clean up after our team. Before our final walkthrough, we arrange to have a professional cleaning staff spiff up your newly renovated space.
  3. Walkthrough and Final Review
    Together, we’ll complete a final review of your renovation, making sure that your vision is now your reality. If there are any issues identified, we’ll address these in a timely manner.
  4. Now, all you have to do is enjoy the new home that you dreamt up.

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