Litwiller Renovations Knows BasementsBasements are often an untapped treasure in the home. People overlook the overall potential that a basement can offer. The fact is that basements can actually double the livable square footage. A well laid out development plan offers many long-term benefits.

Increased Value

The value of a house is increased when the basement is developed properly. The payback at the time of selling could be over 70%. This makes a basement remodel a smart move for those people who may be considering selling now or in the future.

Storage Space

A finished basement should be functional and provide additional storage. One of the biggest problems in most homes is the lack of extra space. Basements are the ideal place for built-in storage units. The most underused place is under the stairs. Furnace rooms or laundry facilities are also great places to add extra shelving or built-ins. Both of these areas should be fully utilized to maximize space.

Bedrooms and Bathrooms

A comprehensive basement development usually includes at least one bedroom and one bathroom. These two extra rooms provide much-needed useable space. Many people find that as their families grow, the need for another bedroom also increases. Windows in the bedroom must be large enough to meet the building code for safety purposes. They also let in more natural light.

Keep it Warm

Basements are fundamentally cooler because they are often built below ground level. To keep it warm and cozy, an efficient heating system needs to be installed. Floor vents are ideal because the warm air is delivered to the lowest level first. Having a fireplace installed is also advantageous because of the additional warmth they provide.

Open Concept

An open concept makes rooms look bigger and gives the living space a welcoming feel. This style makes transitioning from one area to the other easy and uncomplicated. Connecting both floors with a similar aesthetic keeps the flow going.

Basements provide a very important function in a home and they need to be used to their fullest potential. The experts at Litwiller Renovations in Calgary can turn any basement into usable space. They have been in business for over 40 years and have built a reputation on quality and commitment. Now is the time to call Litwiller Renovations at 403.275.2588 to schedule an in-home visit. Their team can answer any questions and offer recommendations on a basement development.

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