Renovations Spark A Bungalow’s RenewalThe small, modest bungalow needs only a few good renovation ideas to shine as the most attractive structure on the block. Take a look at an outdated, yet structurally sound bungalow to gather inspiration as to how it should appear after the work crews leave.

Outside Is The Place To Start

Start with the basics of outward appearance. If the bungalow was built anywhere from the fifties to the seventies, then sensibilities have changed. The facade may have been changed from aluminium siding to wooden, but now the color scheme is outdated. The well-known rule of an easy makeover is that color is the simplest aspect to change. An environmentally friendly paint job may be the beginning of a plan.

Backyards Need A Helping Hand

Next, move around to the backyard. If there is no deck or the established deck shows the worn look that may even be dangerous to walk upon, a refurbished or new deck opens up the whole property to a stylish appearance.

Take A Long Look Inside

From the deck, walk inside to survey the kitchen. EnergyStar appliances go a long way to making a kitchen green with the added attraction of lowering energy bills. It’s said that kitchen and bathroom renovations increase the value of a home the most, and it’s not difficult to see why. Kitchens hold the most lasting memories of being the traditional hearth and heart of a home.

Let In The Light

Windows with insulated double panes and coated with low-E material allow light to enter and filter out a great deal of heat. With the need for air conditioning at minimal, shades and shutters complete the ideal of a lessened heat transfer that means more light, less heat, and lower energy bills. A wide open look to a home lets in the light and outdoors view that results in a cheerier aspect.

Remember, renovation means making all things new and not throwing out the good with the bad. Call Litwiller Renovations in Calgary at 403.275.2588 to see your inspiration turn into reality.

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