01The Beginning

Building Relationships

You can’t begin building a house until you have a solid foundation. That’s why we believe so strongly in building great relationships with you, the homeowner, first. Get to know the team responsible for making your custom home renovation dreams come to life. Ask questions, share experiences and feel at ease knowing creating a home from the ground up can be pure magic with a company you trust and know.

Define Scope of Work

This is where you tell us everything you want to accomplish with your custom home renovation, whether it’s a bathroom, kitchen, basement, addition, exterior or whole home makeover. This is where the fun really begins as we talk ideas and vision, while offering up professional and creative guidance for both aesthetics and functionality.

Review Initial Cost Estimate

The scope of work allows us to share in your vision of the completed home renovation and we can produce for you an initial cost estimate for the project. This includes the renovation timeline as well as design plans (if not already sourced from a designer). Once that proposed estimate is received and looked over, you tell us how you would like to proceed based on the associated and budget and timelines you have set in place.

02The Estimate

Establish Scope of Work

Discuss your ideas with your dedicated Project Manager and one of our designers to work on the finer details of your project based on your renovation objectives. This is your opportunity to share with us your “must haves” and your “like to haves,” giving us further direction to create your custom project.

Set Start Date

With the scope of work clearly defined, estimate accepted, and agreed to in our Letter of Intent, we’ll sit down and make sure that everyone involved is on the same page.

From there, we set the start date!

Sign Agreement and Accept Deposit

With the start date set, we will draw up a formal agreement, including your preferred choice of contract.

Don’t worry; we’ll walk you through the different types of contracts so you can choose the one that works for you and your lifestyle.

03The Renovation

This is where the fun really starts! Working closely with your Project Manager, you’ll be able to choose all your selections – from taps to paint colours, and everything in between. Once selections have been made, it’s time we “break ground” and get your custom home renovation up and running!

Product Selection

Here is the opportunity to visit our trade partners, experiencing all the products they have to offer in person. Catalogues and computer screens just don’t have the same impact as experiencing it up close and personal.  Plus, we’ve been using and trusting these select companies for years, so you know you’ll be choosing from the best.

Site Preparation

We ask a small favor from you of helping prep your home for your luxury renovation, to make sure everything is safely put away to ensure a perfect stage has been set to let the magic begin.

Trade and Supplier Coordination

Your Project Manager coordinates all contractors and trades required for your project, making your goals and vision, along with the timeline that was agreed upon is shared by all parties. We want your custom home renovation experience to be as stress-free and enjoyable as possible, and coordinating multiple trades is just a small part of that.

Your Home "Work"

Nope, not the kind we had in school. Thank goodness!

This is where the work is done on your home. We guarantee that while we’re working on your custom luxury renovation, we’ll be respectful of your property, possessions, and family members (including the furry ones). We’ll leave each day having cleaned up after ourselves – no one needs unnecessary drywall dust floating around!

Your Project Manager will keep you informed with updates as to the status of your project, if there are any bumps along the way (with our solution to these), and what’s coming up next. At no point will you feel “left in the dark” about your custom renovation project.

Change Orders

During your renovation, there may be changes required to the initial agreed upon scope. Like, maybe you add on custom kitchen cabinets to your renovation! Should this happen, you and your Project Manager will work together to complete a change order, keeping everyone on track to completing the renovation you envisioned.

04The Delivery

It’s here! The day you have been waiting for! Today your notebook scribbles mixed with visionary concepts have been formed into the completed project, leaving you with a stunning end result of the home you dreamed about.

Before we leave to let you enjoy your new space, we want to do a final walk-through with you. This is where we can identify and make adjustments if required and within the realm of the agreed upon scope.

Warranty Review

Litwiller Renovations and Custom Homes provides a two-year warranty on all of our workmanship. Once the project is complete, we provide a 20-point review questionnaire to you to help us keep our commitment of ensuring your utmost satisfaction with your new custom home renovation.

Final Cleaning

We have families too, and so we are very familiar with the annoyance of cleaning up a mess that is not yours. Don’t worry, we clean up after ourselves! Before our final walkthrough, we arrange to have a professional cleaning staff sweep over your newly renovated space. Trust us, we know there is no better feeling like coming home to a spotless space.

Walk-Through and Final Review

Together, we’ll complete a final review of your renovation, ensuring that, yes, your vision is now your reality! If there are any additions required or issues identified, we’ll address these in a timely manner.

Now, all you have to do is enjoy the new home that you dreamt up and saw through to completion. Kick those feet up and relax, you’ve earned it!