Things You Should Know Before Updating your Calgary HomeYou have been dreaming about renovating your home in Calgary for a while, haven’t you? You can picture what your home will look like after the amazing transformation you have planned is complete. Keep in mind that updating your home is not as easy as picking out new paint colors, backslash and counters for your kitchen or what color hardwood flooring you would like. Keep the following things in mind to make the process simple and your reveal date quicker.

Become an educated consumer

Become an educated home renovation consumer by doing your research before you begin your project. Learn all you can about how long the updates your plan will take, how much they will cost and what permits you may require to legally do the work. The best place to find this information is on the city’s website at

Be sure to take into account the hidden costs of your renovation as well. If you plan on adding an addition to your home, that means you are adding square footage to your house, which could cause your property taxes to go up. Be sure not to put more money into your renovation than you will get out of the project when you sell your home.

Pick the right contractor

All contractors are happy to provide potential clients with references, but do more than simply make a few telephone calls or send emails out to previous customers. You never know who they are — they could be friends or family members of you contractor.

Go and take a look at one of your contractors jobs that he is halfway through with and ask the homeowner if the contractor is responsible and reasonable to work with and if the project is on-time and budget.

Talk to your insurance company

It is important to make sure you have the proper insurance coverage on your home before you begin your renovation project because any improvements you make directly impact its value. Your insurance coverage should reflect the new value of your home to protect you against any loss due to damage or theft.

Now that you are ready to modernize your home, speak with the experienced renovation contractor Call Litwiller Renovations in Calgary at 403.275.2588 to get your project started.

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