Top 5 Basement Remodeling TipsThe construction and upgrading of basements require thorough planning. When the right strategies are put in place, homeowners can achieve more space to use as bedrooms, study rooms, and gyms among other needs. The following remodeling tips can be very useful in attaining a classy basement:

Improve the lighting

One of the things that cause discomfort in a basement is darkness. This area is bound to be dark due to lack of windows or other openings that are necessary to let in natural light. The darkness can, however, be countered by installing recessed lights together with ambient lights. Considering that recessed lighting needs more space for installation, you need to consult a contractor who can do the assessment. You can also banish shadows in the hidden places such as corners by using floor and table lamps.

Construct a proper staircase

Stairs are usually dangerous, especially if you are heading to a basement. This means that you have to design the right staircase that is beautiful and safe to use by all households. The stairs should not be steep or too slippy because this can cause falling.

Install a quality floor

The type of flooring chosen for the basement matters a lot. Most basements have a concrete slab; a material that is very appropriate in accommodating most flooring choices. With a concrete floor, you can transform it through the use of a carpet, laminate flooring, installation of tiles or even the application of vinyl flooring. Wooden floors are not recommended for basement areas because they are prone to expanding and shrinking.

Design a good ceiling

Most basement ceilings look dull and full of hanging materials. The type of ceiling design chosen depends on various factors such as the height of the basement’s ceiling, attractiveness, and functionality. If the ceiling height is beyond 8 feet, it is considerable to use suspended ceilings because they are very attractive. If the height is less than the 8 feet limit, it is advisable to consider painting the ceiling instead.

Maximize the storage space

You can become more creative by constructing some extra drawers, closets or built-in shelves under the stairs. This will create more storage space and at the same time enable you to keep your belongings safely. Such shelves can prove to be very indispensable when storing holiday decorations, memorabilia, garden equipments or even seasonal clothing. To make sure that the right results are attained during the remodeling, you need to consult experts.

Hiring a professional restoration company will go a long way in getting you closer to your dream basement.

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