Upgrade Your Hometime With Investment RenovationsRegardless of the economy or season of the year home renovations always improve the property and increase its value. Not to mention the sensation of feeling as if the whole family moved into a new home. The difference being that no one had to pack boxes or lift heavy furnishings. When the economy is slow rates are lower on borrowing, and contractors offer discounts because they need work.

Send activity outdoors with a new deck

As the weather warms, the perfect place for everybody is outdoors where the mess remains localised, and a new deck offers more than party time. Out here they can play games in the yard, huddled in smaller groups, help with the grilling and toss all of the refuse in a tall trash bin. Sketch out a few ideas and ask a contractor for a bid on completing the open air room extension. Imagine the aromas rising from the grill.

Add a garage and convert the old one into a playroom

For those days when weather insists on humans staying indoor, a large open area for toys and an entertainment centre is a transformed garage. What to do with the cars? Add on an attached garage, so they stay safe and protected from the elements, or leave it open for a carport and close it in later. Go ahead and figure in an area for bathing the pets, or a convenient room for garden preparations and harvest.

Refresh the kitchen and dining

Start your days out with a bright and friendly kitchen upgrade. Choose warm and cheerful paint colours, new floor cover, and replace the old cabinets with new ones. Or maybe a breakfast nook you always wanted. Use an old small window and make it bigger for a cozy bay window and seat the entire family with room left over for best friends to join in with a favourite beverage.

Renovations and improvements increase the value of your home while creating greater comfort for the family. For more information on improvements and financing, a professional contractor offers a free, no obligation appointment for a consultation. Call Litwiller Renovations in Calgary at


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